Time Vs. Timing

Learning The Difference Makes A World of Difference In Your Approach & Response To Life.

Thirteen years ago, I got this crazy idea to do a podcast; I shared the idea with a random stranger Alabama Joe; he was intrigued. But, I had no experience, no equipment outside of a laptop, a cheap microphone. But, I didn’t let that deter me. I wanted to start a podcast; the idea was to use it as a training tool for the associates within my hub & spoke locations. I shared the idea with my district manager, and he kind of brushed it off, but I could see the possibilities.

Our corporate offices would press up training DVD’s and distribute them to all of the stores-it didn’t make sense to me. A lot of things didn’t make sense to me back then, like why didn’t we offer impulse items at the checkout counter-(e.g., gum candy, & mints). We had a BJ’s near our location in Garden City, so I purchased the items in bulk and made them available for our customers.

My district mgr was a little upset because I followed that long-standing retail rule about not asking permission, you ask for forgiveness. My life at that time was on a different trajectory. I was working long retail management hrs and running a successful cleaning company with three people working with me, going through a ruff divorce, because of my stubbornness, ignorance, pride, which led to my infidelity.

I make no excuses for the decisions I’ve made in this life, and as long I have a love of my children, I don’t care about what the crowd thinks or says about me. I was brutally honest with my children and asked for their forgiveness. Running has helped to repair the damage which I inflicted. Passion alone is not enough; it can be dangerous. You might have a desire to drive a car, but without the knowledge and proper training, you may have a fatal accident.

Meeting Alabama Joe was no accident back in 2007. I was captivated by his story and creativity; I shared it with Our Time At Home, a local newspaper In Brooklyn. Bernice Green covered a story on Joe and quoted me in the piece.

The picture of Miles Davis Playing with Bird when he was from Alabama Joe. I hosted an art show at my apt invited a few friends, and Joe provided the Art, Joe, and I recently re-connected after 13 years. I had some big plans and dreams, but the time wasn’t right.

Oh yeah I haven’t mentioned my Ko-fi page. The launching of my Ko-fi page is me embracing my talents, this is me walking in my purpose, this is me taking the leap, acknowledging that what I’m doing is providing a valuable service for the audience, the guest and the sponsors.

BTW Podcast is a business. I took the leap 4years ago to drive for Uber/Lyft Full-time, so I could have the flexibility to devote to building BTW Podcast. Ko-fi is platform that will allow entrepreneurs/business owners to sponsor an episode PRE, MID or POST roll, it also allows you to buy me a cup of coffee.

Thanks for accompanying my on this ride. Leave a voicemail to let us know how were doing and receive a shout out in a future episode. — - Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/derek-oxley/support

Host of BTW Podcast:( https://bit.ly/35HO1R3 ) a show that amplifies ordinary people who are doing EXTRAordinary things in their communities

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