The Most Underrated Productivity Chore

Why Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates both do this mundane chore

Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos are without a doubt two of the richest men on the planet, they could afford to ditch trivial activities or hire a team of individuals to do it for them, on the other hand, you and I will have to suck it up.

I wonder if they have someone pull the covers back for them in the morning and layout rose petals leading to the bathroom. What do you think? That might be a bit much.

Lately, I’ve found a great deal of pleasure and a sense of peace engaging in this mundane activity, seriously no hyperbole.

If my parents would’ve pitched the benefits when I was young, I would’ve been all in, instead of arguing and bargaining with my siblings.

Bezos says it’s the sexist thing he does.

Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos both engage in this mundane chore that has may have significant mental benefits.


Chloé, my oldest daughter recommended Elkhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now”, in it he shares this concept of being present, I started practicing it while washing the dishes and was surprised at how relaxed I felt afterward.

Maybe you already have this “mindfulness thing” figured out, but, me on the otherhand, I find myself thing of being at the next place while I’m at the first place and when finally arrive, I’ve already started thinking about the return trip.

Okay, maybe it’s jut me, I can’t be alone here.

Stress Reduction

In a study at Florida State University, researchers had 51 one students wash dishes, half of the students were given a mindfulness passage to read and the other group was given a straightforward dishwashing description.

Adam Hanley, a doctoral candidate in FSU College of Education’s Counseling/School Psychology program, in a statement said: “I was particularly interested in how the mundane activities in life could be used to promote a mindful state and, thus, increase overall sense of well-being.”

The researchers found that the students who washed dishes mindfully, yes mindfully, I know it sounds a little wonky and you may be as skeptical about being mindful as Adam Grant is about meditation, I get it.

When the students focused on the scent of the soap, water temperature, and touching the dishes their feelings of inspiration increased by 25% and they saw a 27% decrease in their nervousness levels.

The group that didn’t wash the dishes mindfully did not gain any benefits from the task, but the researchers got a sink filled with dishes cleaned.

Hanley, concluded that an everyday activity approached with intentionality and awareness may enhance the state of mindfulness.


My mild obsession with dishwashing started in 2017, I was in the middle of working on the lyrics for my “weekly race recaps” and I was drawing a blank-I don’t believe in writer’s block, so I took a break and washed the dishes. When I sat back down to write with the music blasting I wrote the following:

Starting to feel weird though staring out my window, staring at the dishes in the sink yo! Trying not sink in the sinkhole. But I’m not thinking about cleaning though, but cleaning helps think so I get on my cleaning flow. Turn on the water hot and cold, I let flow, I rinse my dishes and I rinse my mind yo! A lot on my mental, I clean my thoughts, I clear my mind at the same time; I suds these dishes I devise these lines. I relax my temple, let my mind settle into the tempo, everything’s better when I run is my manifesto. “Presto Change O” my mode changes yo! 90bpm on a track equals 180 steps per minute to be exact.

Still not convinced?

I’m a believer, perhaps, I can convince you, and who knows with any luck you might convince your partner, siblings or children to do the dishes for you.

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