Is It Time To Retire The Contrapposto?

It is a term used in the visual arts to describe a human figure standing with most of its weight on one foot so that its shoulders and arms twist off-axis from the hips and legs in the axial plane.

I’m sure you’ve seen this pose on your social media timeline countless times, there’s an entire Reddit section dedicated to the question: “why do women take pictures with one leg partially bent?” Why do women take pictures with one leg bent? The short answer is because they want to. Do you ever find yourself drifting down a ridiculous rabbit hole and 2hrs later, wonder how you got there?

While on the throne, I saw two posts back to back, and I’d reached my limit, so vowed if I saw another one leg bent post, I was going to throw my phone out the window and scream. Several people called my bluff.

We Are Visual Creatures

The whole idea of a dominant culture or group of marketers arbitrarily sitting in a room determining what beauty is or isn’t, or what is acceptable or attractive to me, is hilarious.

No, it is insulting, and it creates unrealistic expectations for individuals to contort themselves into societal norms and trends that can fade out as quickly as the fanny pack. Oh don’t get me started on the fanny it came up during a recent episode on the BTW Podcast: Middle Finger To The Status Quo

Fashion Is About Individual Expression

I love fashion, style, functionality originality, but I loathe copycats and knockoffs; I can trace my disdain for such lazy characteristics to my childhood. I knew rejects were a knockoff of Pro-Keds-I wasn’t fooled. My friends knew they were spurious, but that’s all my parents could afford at the time. I’m grateful now, but I back then I was malcontent, I would often lament, “why so little was spent on my gear?”

Skechers Stop Being Lazy

And that’s why I find Skechers so utterly ridiculous because they can afford to create an original line of sneakers by partnering with influencers or up and coming designers, instead of acting like, Canel Street shop owners in NYC from the ’80s and ’90s-it’s just lazy. Can you imagine paying for a design degree and up using it to create knock-offs of Nike and even Hoka?

Be An Original

When you’re standing on the fringes of a popular group trying to peak in, trying to fit in as a kid, and you are rejected, you’re left with no alternative but to look within yourself. I knew I was different, You reach a point where you stop trying to fit in. So, I started leaning into and embracing me, the me that nobody could see. The pressure and weight on a kid can be stifling, crushing their desire to live.

Don’t Let Society Dictate Your Beauty

How many brilliant minds do we lose every day to suicide, because someone felt they didn’t measure up to an arbitrary standard? As grown-ups, we aren’t immune to the desire to fit into groups, to be accepted by the dominant culture. It’s easy to get caught up chasing vanity metrics. It’s addictive like crack, opioids, meth, or a mixtape-you’ll always be chasing your next fix. With the looming threat of cancel culture, many people retreat into their into their comfort zone! I want to normalize the notion that it’s okay to be different, it’s okay to be brilliant; it’s okay to dance offbeat, it’s okay to think to write to create.

You Are Already Exquisite

I wanted a Bentley Coupe, and it didn’t have to have a drop-top either; I wanted it for a tool. I didn’t want it to use it as a “chick magnet.” Although I’m sure it would attract women and men. My thinking was, I have something important to say, and this thing, this metal contraption, would cause people to stop and listen. Sure, some would stop to listen, and there would be those who would assume I was either a drug dealer, an entertainer, or an athlete. I figured I’d end up wasting precious time trying to explain how I got this beautiful piece of machinery instead of talking about the important thing I wanted to share.

I have something important, interesting funny, and controversial to say, and I’m going to show up every day while I’m here and say it, and I would encourage you to speak your truth.

Death Of Counterpoise

Find your voice, be still listen to that whisper in your head, tap into that power that’s within you that is uniquely you. Because the more you do, the louder the voice in your head will become. You will become more discerning. You’ll start to grow and blossom into a beautiful human being whose spirit radiates brightly, leading others out of the darkness.



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