What The Running Industry Needs

Running + Entertainment = Runutainment

Photo by Vienna, Austria. /VCG Image

Dare to want more

How to lead from the outside: a primer from an introvert

Photograph: Peyton Fulford/The Guardian

Death to Chit Chat Podcasts

Chasing vanity metrics instead of investing in the long tail game of producing dramatic podcast

Photo By: Derek Oxley

Three brands at different levels one commonality

Photo by: Mess In A Bottle

Out of touch elites are at it again

Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images; Pixabay

Insights from Lead From The Outside preface and introduction

Photo by: Author

There are only three concepts you have to know.

Photo by: Nicky Saunders

Start mining your business

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

Yes and your community will love you for it and you’d recoup your initial investment in 24hours

Photo by: Julia Fay for Hygge Coworking

Derek Oxley

Host of BTW Podcast:( https://bit.ly/35HO1R3 ) a show that amplifies ordinary people who are doing EXTRAordinary things in their communities

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