The ruthless art of eliminating excess in your life in order to find and maintain your peace

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A young immigrant boy from Barbados growing up in Brooklyn didn’t own name brand clothes. He spoke with an accent, and it drove his landlord crazy, who oddly enough came from the same country.

Plagued by inadequacy, it pushed him to discard his accent to fit in. Because he didn’t have the right clothes, it meant (in his mind) he was still outside. All of his efforts were for naught. Are you confused? …

There are only three concepts you have to know.

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Photo by: Nicky Saunders

Nicky Saunders is not your average content creator. She is not the type that will hit you in your DM with offers of creating unique cartoons, promises of instantly grow your account, or my most annoying inquiry DM me, let’s collaborate contact my main account. Nope, that’s not her style or strategy. And yes, there is a clear strategy with proven results.

Nicky adds ridiculous value consistently. A few months back, I was flipping through IG and came across her reel (A 30sec commercial, IG’s answer to TikTok) and immediately recognized her brilliance. …

Start mining your business

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Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

Companies are infamous for saying their people are their greatest assets out of one side of their mouth and yet not pay you what you’re worth. Empty words, but it makes for a great value statement.

You are a brand! You are a company. Whether you agree with that statement or not, play along. With that in mind, what would be your greatest asset? What product would you produce? Please give it some thought, and this is not a rhetorical question.

Consuming content is not a business unless you can take it and flip it into a medium that will add value for consumers. …

Yes and your community will love you for it and you’d recoup your initial investment in 24hours

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Photo by: Julia Fay for Hygge Coworking

In 2018 FedEx and Walmart started dating. I don’t know who made the first move, but I’m sure Amazon’s name came up at some point between appetizers and the main dish. It was a slow courtship starting with opening 50 locations across North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Arkansas, Texas, and Colorado. After a successful launch, the small-template FedEx Offices will open in 500 Walmart locations by 2021.

In 2018 FedEx announced the news at the ShopTalk conference in Las Vegas. “We gravitated toward Walmart because they have this fantastic physical infrastructure,” Brian Philips, CEO of FedEx Office, told CNBC. …

Their insights will save you time and frustration

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Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

I asked 20k podcasters “how they launched their podcast, and if they had it to do over what would they change?” The responses ranged from I just jumped in, to I wouldn’t change a thing.

It wasn’t just a random question to a group of podcasters. It served a dual purpose. My primary reason for posing the question was part research for four friends who are considering launching their podcast. And I am in the middle of creating a Podcast YCombinator style bootcamp for podcasters in the early stages of their podcast startup.

If you are considering starting a show I know what you must be feeling because not too long ago, I was in your shoes. You may have feelings of self-doubt, overwhelming thoughts of pulling all of the moving parts together, doing research, buying equipment, learning software, and gear. There is a ton of planning and execution occurs behind the scenes before you even hit record. …

The MV7 the little sister to the Shure MV7B is making a name for herself

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Photo by Derek Oxley at B@Work

The OG, Legendary Shure SM7B has been the gold standard in broadcasting for 44 years, damn that is a long time. It now has a little sister, the Shure MV7, which will make podcasters and gamers thrilled.

It started with the SM5 broadcasting microphone — a dynamic boom microphone and quickly found a home in radio and film studios in 1966.

According to John Born (Project Manager, Shure Inc), “A group of Shure acoustical engineers were given the SM57 cartridge element (Unidyne III) and asked, without restrictions on size or cost, to make it better. And they went nuts.” …

What we can learn from the Gucci Mane and Jezzy Verzuz battle

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Breaking: Gucci Mane and Young Jezzy have agreed to do a Verzuz on November 19; this was ramping up to be the “Thriller in Manila”, and we all had ringside seats.

Stacey Abrams kicked off the battle with impeccable timing by discussing voting rights, encouraging Georgia voters to support Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff in the January US Senate runoff elections.

Before Abrams departed, Gucci asked if she could wipe his record clean, to which she aptly replied, “That’s a job the Governor could do, but we’d have to think about that later.” Abrams keeps her ears to the streets.

Jezzy and Gucci have been beefing for 15 years; this piece is not about their beef; you can check more about that at Complex, GQ, or Revolt. …

Five flexible workspace trends

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Photo by Croissant on Unsplash

Scott Galloway, the best-selling author, tech industry pundit, is a marketing professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business; he did not mince words when it came to WeWork’s former CEO, Adam Neumann.

Galloway said, “WeWTF is an especially risky business going into recession, when the ability to variabilize costs is limited, but revenue decline is unlimited. WeWTF has $47 billion in long-term obligations (leases) and will do $3 billion in revenue this year. What could go wrong?”

Scott Galloway Hot take on WeWork

Galloway issued a blistering prophecy in a 2019 tweet. WeWork was gearing up to go public; on August 14, four months later, WeWork publicly filed its IPO; on September 16, WeWork delayed its IPO. Eight days later the party was over, Neumann stepped down from his role as CEO. WeWorked morphed into WeCrashed and David Brown, the host of Business Wars did a deep dive into the entire fiasco. …

7 steps to unstick yourself and write your way to the life you deserve

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It was the 90's and crack cocaine was everywhere, even in our home; it’s what caused our brother to be put outdoors. Toni Morrison, In The Bluest Eye described outdoors as the real terror in life. On our block there were four crack houses, a weed spot, a hoe house, a number spot, abandoned buildings, and vacant lots — these conditions seemed perfectly normal at the time.

I never gave any thought to what my brother experienced on cold frigid nights, while I laid snuggled in our bunk bed. …

Don’t allow your past failure to stop you from staking your claim during the greatest time in history

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Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash

Have you ever come across a sponsored ad on IG or Facebook and thought, pluu-zeee I could do that,but you weren’t doing it?

Make matters worse; you click on the ad for the sole purpose to see what they were offering, and then when you found out, you told yourself you could do that, but you weren’t doing it because you convinced yourself: “those who can do and those who can’t teach.”

No, you’ve never done that?

Maybe it’s just me.

I’m not a hater I just think a lot

I’m not a hater, but if you were to mention that situation to me, I’d think the person you described was sipping on a tall cold glass of Hateration, which caused them to wade into Hatersville. …


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